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Strategic Financing Analysis

Mining and energy industry is the capital-intensive business, which exposed to high risks with many uncertainty factors. In early stage of the industry development, huge investment is needed to climb onto next stage to enter more profitable business ecosystem.

Before determining the best financing scheme, an analysis of current financial condition of the company is required. In addition, a comprehensive financial analysis from technical point of view is also important to be conducted. Then, a more precise financial impact from each available financing schemes could be projected so that the best financing scenario could be chosen.


We have a complete team which consists of financial experts, investment analysts, technical and legal expert, who are proven in presenting complete analysis from geology and exploration, mining, metallurgy and even policy aspects. As a result, a comprehensive strategic financing analysis could be delivered to our client to maintain the financing and investment activities going well in order to achieve maximized value of their mining and energy enterprises.

Mining Economic Project Evaluation and Appraisal

In assessing an economic feasibility of a mining project, a comprehensive mine investment project evaluation is important. Our experienced experts are ready to give a realistic economic feasibility evaluation using modern tools.

Apart from that, mining company valuation (appraisal) is also important due to each mining concession has the unique characteristic and commodities which will require different approaches from other companies. We support our client to assess mining project investment, contact (property) and company (shares) valuations using standardized valuation framework and signed by our certified appraiser team.

Mining and Trading Management

Effective and efficient mine operation is a key success factor of a mining project. Our team will provide consultancy service to analyze, to review and to build of operation management, manpower management, cost efficiency, productivity assessment and other issues related to mining management and strategy.

Commodity trading is also mining industry support to succeed the buying-selling mining commodity. We provide the services related to the trading management from mining possibility to contract evaluation.

Operation and Management Improvement

One of possible risk in an ongoing mining business operation is the volatility of mining commodity prices. Hence, to achieve and maintain the acceptable profit margin, the mining operation need to be conducted effectively and efficiently based on good mining practice principles. Since there are many stakeholders and roles were involved in mining operation, an excellent mining management is also essential.

Our team who has experience in national and international mining operation and familiar with operation management framework-tools are competent to solve any related issues to improve mining operation and business performance. Moreover, with support from our partner company PT Akso Mandiri Energi, we are provenly capable to deliver the operation and management monitoring system which specially tailored for specific condition in each mining to maintain and improve operation and management in the future.