Resource Reserve Model Estimation

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AME has significant experience in projects world-wide in a variety of geologic and geographic environments.

Why Choose Us for Your Resource Estimation?

We differ from our competition in that we take a multi-disciplinary approach to creating an accurate Resource/Reserve with substance to geologic, geostatistic, metallurgical, mining, and economical issues. This ensures your resource is done once and done right so that there are no critical flaws or impediments to beginning mine production. Our geologists and engineers have a flawless track-record with over 15 years of seasoned, continuous geostatistic experience.


Our principle is to be an unbiased and credible source for resources and reserves as demonstrated by how our resource estimations endure the most rigorous reviews and are accepted by leading international financial institutions. Clients value our independent advice for in which we offer powerful recommendations that further your company in developing a successful mining project. We, with our breadth of mining technical experience, will guide you to take every hidden opportunity and to diminish potential risks that have hindered others.

Resource / Reserve Modeling and Estimation Services

– Resource / Reserve Modeling Estimation

      *  Integration of 3D and 2D datasets historic or digital

      * Application of sensible data domain controls as defined by metallurgy and/or geology

      * An approach that understands all data inputs and implications thereof instead of simply ‘pressing the button’

– Review and Verification (audit) of Reserves and Resources

– Drillhole Data Quality Analysis and Quality Control (QA/QC)

– Geological Modeling and Feedback Review

– Mine production orientation so that the model feasibly produces what is estimated

– Measured, Indicated, and Inferred (MI&I) / Proven, Probable, and Possible (PPP) Mineral Resource Classifications

– Geotechnical Investigation, and Hydrogeology study.

Resource Modeling Capabilities

– Multi-disciplinary Approach to Creating an Accurate and Operational Resource with Substance to Geologic, Geostatistic, Metallurgical, Operational, and Economical Inputs

– 3D Geologic and Data Domain Solid Modeling, And Executive Presentation Thereof

– Review Feedback Stemming from Our Extensive Expertise Spanning All Mining Commodity Sectors

– Resource and Reserve Statements

– Thorough Data Distillation for Trend/Risk Analysis

– Rigorous Standards for Data Review and Resource Estimation

– Focus On Feasibly Minable Resource Modeling Techniques

– Concurrent Critical Flaw and Opportunity Identification

– Independent Qualified Persons Public Technical Reporting

(JORC, KCMI, SNI 4726/5051:2011, USGS, SEC 10-K)