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Strategic Mine Plan dan Scheduling

Mine planning and scheduling are mandatory steps in mining industry recently in order to plan and ensure the mining target achievement, that take account of mining practicality and profitability.

We are committed to ascertain the best possible and reliable option to our client in the field of open pit mine planning and mine scheduling. We offer comprehensive pit design, waste dump design, mine closure design as well as mine optimization and scheduling from any given time frame (short, medium and long term). Our client profit maximization is in the heart of our services.

Due Diligence and Desk Study

Mining industry is known as a ‘high risk, high return’ business. Therefore we understand that Due Diligence and Desk Study Practice are needed in order to minimize the future risk for the mining investors and stakeholders.

Due Diligence is an investigation process on a potential mining project. While Desk Study is an evaluation activity of a mining company based on secondary data. In these sub-services, we conduct a project assessment and risk identification within technical, economical and legal aspect. Based on the result, we deliver recommendation for decision making process.

Geotechnical Engineering

Due to its close connection with mine safety concern, we offer a complete assessment of geotechnical condition which consist of some steps.

– Geotechnical data collection and examination.

– Rock mass classification system assessment.

– Geotechnical mapping.

– Formulation of geotechnical parameter for mine design purposes.

– Slope stability analysis.

– Other geotechnical services.

Other Mining Services We Offer:

– Mine Design, Mine Planning, Mine Schedulling, Mine Evaluation

– Mine Drainage, Mine Operation, Mine Infrastructure,

– Mine Safety Management, Mine Geotechnical

– Reserves Estimation, in collaboration with Mining Team

– Technical Review and Audit of Reserves Estimation

– Reclamation and Mine Closure (RR and RPT)

– Enivironment Impact Assessment (AMDAL)

– Mining Safety Management System (SMKP)

– Work plan and Budget (RKAB)

– Project Monitoring, Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

– Tunneling and Underground Services