Mining and Energy Policy Services

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Mining Policy

A suitable mining policy is the objective for both government and mining investor to achieve the optimum benefit for both parties. Therefore, apart from mining industry, the government is also our key client. We understand that in generating mining policy and regulation, the considerations of technical, economic, social, environmental, legal, and political frameworks are the inseparable aspect. Supported by expert team in each of those areas, we offer to provide mine policy research, analysis and review, either in whole policy or partially in terms of politics, legal, technical, economic, social and environmental area.

Coal and Mineral Economics

Coal and mineral economics is a branch of economics study which focuses on economics and policy issues in the coal, minerals, metals and mining industries. It would give understanding of economic, social, environmental and political implications of natural resources. We support our client to analyze economics issues related to mining industries, such as mineral market analysis, exploration and development, resource availability, market development, price formulation, international trade and commodity supply chain analysis.

Government and Public Relation

Complying to the laws and regulations and maintaining good relation with the public are important factors in succeeding mining business. In developing and operating a mining project, companies have several responsibilities to the government such as licensing and reporting. We support our clients to process their licenses, reports and other obligations to the government.


We also deliver consultancy service to maintain a good stakeholder relationship by constructing a proper public relation strategy and programs, both conventional or social media method by sophisticated information technology system.

Energy Economics and Policy

Energy Economics is the field that studies the utilization of energy resources and energy commodities and its consequences, while Energy Policy is the manner of a government to address issues of energy development and management including energy production, distribution, and consumption. As integration from mining and extraction industries, energy resource management and optimization take important roles in sustainable development, especially the optimization of non- renewable energy resources and renewable energy resources.

We endeavor to support many studies and researches related to energy economics & policy such as analysis of energy demand, energy supply, energy price, energy resources optimization, and energy commodities substitution, especially for depletable energy resources as the transition to renewable energy resources  as well as environmental issues of energy uses. Supported by various experts from energy sectors, we are confident to support related stakeholders to achieve the optimal use and management of energy resource commodities.