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Mine planning and scheduling are mandatory steps in mining industry recently in order to plan and ensure the mining target achievement, that take account of mining practicality and profitability.

We are committed to ascertain the best possible and reliable option to our client in the field of open pit mine planning and mine scheduling. We offer comprehensive pit design, waste dump design, mine closure design as well as mine optimization and scheduling from any given time frame (short, medium and long term). Our client profit maximization is in the heart of our services.

Our mine experience spans from surface open-pit to underground operations of all sizes managed by lientele ranging from large multi commodity producers to small scale mines. AME mine design service encompasses life of mine starting from long term (or entire pit design) to short term pit design for short period production report or production progress.

Reliable and Proven Mine Planning

To the benefit of our clients, we have historically established and continue to advance today’s industry proven mine planning best practices like discounted pit optimization, optimum sequencing of operational mine phases, and cut-off grade and mine product scheduling optimization. With our versatile mining background, we make recommendations comprising all aspects of the mining industry’s best practices, innovations, and technologies, proven and new.

Worldwide Name Recognition for Technical Documents

We are known worldwide for delivering resource and reserve statements, conceptual studies, scoping studies, preliminary economic assessments (PEA), and feasibility studies (FEAS) for the base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, and aggregates markets. Our technical documents have been reviewed and accepted by leading international financial institutions for investment decisions. Many properties have been successfully financed based on work completed by the engineers and geologists of AME Mining Consultants.


– Open Pit Mine Design and Mine Planning

– Surface and Underground Mine Evaluation

– Optimum Mine and Mill Lifecycle Production Rate Analysis

– Production Scheduling and Strategic Planning (Short and Long Range)

– Waste and Stockpile Storage Facility Design and Sequencing

– Mine Equipment Evaluation, Selection, and Fleet Requirement Estimation

– Mine Capital and Operating Cost Estimation

– Life-of-Mine Cashflow Estimation/Analysis

Comprehensive Mine Planning Capabilities

– Discounted Pit Optimization

– Optimum and Operation-Oriented Phase Sequencing

– Cut-off Grade Scheduling Optimization

– Mine Product Constrained Scheduling Optimization

– Thorough Data Distillation for Trend/Risk Analysis

– Trade-off Studies and Best Case Selection

– Cashflow Sensitivity Analysis

– Detailed drawings of monthly and yearly mine plans including pit and waste rock pile developments.

– Concurrent Critical Flaw and Opportunity Identification

– Most of all, Our Versatile and Flexible Approach to Serve the Client and Their Needs