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With an independent analysis of your company, we can strengthen your company’s portfolio and ensure that your company can weather the inherent risks in mining. AME has consistently demonstrated the value of our multi-disciplinary engineering team by increasing productivity, maximizing value, and identifying the critical flaws in our clients’ mining and exploration projects. Our mining studies and evaluations have been accepted worldwide by leading financial institutions for investment decisions.

Experienced Recommendations

We have been in business with a growing mining industry so far, long enough to be involved throughout the life cycle of a number of mines from exploration through closure, from the end. Our recommendation is proven mining expertise that has been determined by our successful projects in the mining industry.

AME offers your company a variety of multi-disciplinary mining technical experience in base metals, precious metals, coal and industrial mineral projects at all stages of development. Our experience extends from open pit surfaces to underground operations of all sizes managed by customers ranging from large multi-commodity producers to small-scale mines. With our versatile background, we make recommendations that cover all aspects of best practice, innovation and technology in the mining industry, proven and new

Proven Mining Consulting

Clients have contracted with us to assess exploration project potential and scope, evaluate expansions, independently review projects and mine operations, analyze trade-off studies, audit resources and reserves, and conduct due-diligence reviews for mergers and/or acquisitions. AME has on staff competent persons and qualified personnel to author industry standard technical documents » (KCMI, JORC) for Indonesian, Canadian, Australian and USA stock exchanges. We are known worldwide for delivering resource and reserve statements, conceptual studies, scoping studies, preliminary economic assessments (PEA), and feasibility studies (FEAS).

Summary of Mine Evaluation Services

– Risk Analysis / Critical Flaw Identification

– Exploration Potential / Plan Forward Recommendations

– Project Conceptual or Scoping Study

– Independent Technical Reviews/Audits

– Mine Project Evaluations

– Mine Operation Assessments / Optimization Studies

– Resource / Reserve Verifications

– Trade-off Studies

– Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

– Topography Survey and LiDAR UAV / Drone Photogrammetry

– Geotechnical Investigation (slope stability & soil investigation)

Technical Documents That May Be Delivered

– Resource/Reserve Statements

– Conceptual/Scoping Studies

– Preliminary Economic Assessments (PEA)

– Prefeasibility Studies (PFS)

– Bankable Feasibility Studies (FEAS)