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Metallurgy Services

Processing and Refining Concept, Design, Management, Documentation, and Implementation on Specific Site Facility Requirement

There are numerous mineral characteristics which unique in different locations. In order to support our clients in selecting technology and factory design, we are committed to provide a process design that matches with raw material characteristics as well as validating it to achieve the nearest commercial scale technology selection and factory design.

Technology and Plant Design

The technology chosen is based on several things such as the characteristics of the raw materials, the products to be produced, infrastructure, and so on. Given the basic design constructed from selected metallurgical and technological studies, the plant design can be made better and tailored to the characteristics of the raw materials.

Risk Management and Financial Analysis

The risk analysis of smelter development project is important to to map potential risks, so a set of anticipation strategies can pe prepared earlier. In addition, the financial analysis based on parameters such as IRR, NPV, Payback Period, and sensitivity analysis are necessary to be conducted to assess project’s economic feasibility.

Project Development

Several steps should be taken to reduce risks and prevent the failure of smelter project implementation.

– Scoping study, preliminary study to analyze the initial prospective of a smelter project based on secondary data (desk study).

– Pre-feasibility study, the initial feasibility study of a selected smelter project using more detailed data than scoping study.

– Feasibility study, detailed feasibility study of a selected smelter project using primary data from both metallurgical test and equipment specification as well as price from vendors. Commonly, this study intended to deliver a bankable feasibility study.

– Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL), similar with other factory projects, Indonesia law and regulation obligate the investor to conduct AMDAL study before project implementation. This study will cover all of environmental aspect in smelter project.

– Basic engineering design, the basic design is required by EPC and equipment vendors to build smelter plants. We have a competent expert and partners who are experienced in project development of several smelter factories.

Project Management

Constructing a smelter is a large process. Some stages that should be conducted before the smelter can be operated comercially are as follow:

– Project development.

– Project legality.

– Financial closing.

– Project implementation (EPC and Commissioning).

– Commercial production.

We are ready to assist our client in monitoring every step of the way for the smelter plant to be built, operating properly, and providing optimal benefits for factory owners, communities and governments as stakeholders of the smelter industry.

Plant Management, Operation and Maintenance

We offer an excellent service in this field which will be run by competent manpower and partners who are experienced in the operation, maintenance and management of smelter factories either during commissioning or commercial operations.