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Exploration and Feasibility Study

We aim to deliver guidance for our client in making investment decision to their mining project, by taking them step by step in target generation (detail mapping, sampling, geophysical/geochemical, and preliminary metallurgy), target testing (scout drilling, delineation drilling, and conceptual feasibility study), target evaluation (resource drilling, geotechnical drilling including metallurgy and laboratory test, and preliminary feasibility study), and feasibility study (FS and Environmental Impact Assessment or AMDAL). Reinforced by experts with years of practical experience in mining industry, we sought to provide the best assessment including the risk associated, in order to give our client, the realistic and achievable mining project outcomes.

Resources Modeling and Estimation

Our team extensive experience in developing and reviewing geological models for most commodities and type of deposit will ensure our client resource estimations are completed with the ultimate accuracy and reliability.

The classification and reporting of resources estimations would be in accordance with the accepted and internationally recognized guidelines, KCMI Code and JORC Code.

Other Geology Exploration Services We Offer:

– Exploration Planning Survey

– Exploration and Feasibility Study

– Geological Mapping,

– Drilling Contractor

– Drilling Supervision

– Geological Modelling, and Resources Estimation

– Technical Review and Audit of Resources Estimation

– Geophysical Logging Services,

– Geotechnical Services

– Hidrogeology Services