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We, Akso Mandiri Energi have honed our multi-disciplinary expertise for over 10 years with extensive experience in the numerous Base Metals, Precious Metals, Coal and Industrial Mineral projects that we have worked on. Our Clients include major metals producers, junior exploration firms, public sector entities, and financial institutions.

In the exploration projects that we have been involved on, we have provided our clients with services to further develop and manage drill programs, evaluate exploration targets for public technical reporting, and serve as a reliable and independent data keeper. AME is an unbiased and credible source of counsel and technical reporting that endures the most rigorous reviews.

Project Foresight

Clients value our independent advice for which we

offer powerful recommendations that further your company in developing a successful exploration project. We, with our breadth of mining technical experience, will guide you to take every advantage of hidden opportunities and to diminish potential risks that have hindered others.

We are known worldwide for delivering resource and reserve statements, conceptual studies, scoping studies, preliminary economic assessments (PEA), and feasibility studies (FEAS) for the coal, base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, and aggregates markets.

Our Technical Documents » have been reviewed and accepted by leading international financial institutions for investment decisions. Many properties have been successfully financed based on work completed by the engineers and geologists of AME Mining Consultants.

Drill Program Development

– Exploration Survey and Geological Mapping

– Exploration Drill Program Planning and Recommendations

– Drill Program Management

– QA/QC Design and Implementation

– Economic Geology Feedback

– Geological/Ore Deposit Modeling

– Audit/Review Sampling, Assay Procedures, and Chain of Custody

– Topography Survey and LiDAR UAV/Drone Photogrammetry

Exploration Target Evaluation

– Early Stage Multi-Discipline Opportunity and Risk Identification

– Preliminary Exploration Target Inventory Estimates

– Mineral Resource Modeling, Estimation, and Classification

– Audit Resources and Reserves

– Mine Scoping Studies

– Preliminary Economic Feasibility Studies (PEAs)

Data Management and Documentation

– Database Verification, Management, and Mapping

– Data Warehousing

– Thorough Data Distillation for Trend/Risk Analysis

– Independent Competent Persons Technical Reports (JORC, KCMI, SNI 4726/5051:2011, USGS, SEC 10-K)