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Whether your company is establishing a new mining operation or has a producing mine in need of temporary onsite technical staff AME mining consultants offers flexible contract engineering solutions and services whenever and whereever it is needed.

AME staff have the professional knowledge to not only fill in vacancies but also the expertise to setup, develop, train, and transition your mine’s engineering department to becoming leaders in smoothly operating a mine.

Mine Support Services

AME offers onsite mine and offsite mine technical support setup services, procedures, and systems such as:

– Mine engineering department setup and staff development

– Track, manage, and reconcile mine plan of operations and feasibility plan compliance

– Mine planning hand-off and related necessary mine staff training

– Managing the adoption of industry standard mine planning systems and reconciliation procedures

– Custom tailoring mine planning systems such as Software Schedule Optimizer to your mine


Supporting ongoing mine operations with onsite short-range and long-range mine planning services:

– Relieving short-term mine technical staff shortages with AME hot swap staff subsitutions

– Managing mine operations and ensuring that mine production is on schedule

– Alleviating time sensitive annual or similar mine plan submittals and resource / reserve reviews by providing on demand mine planning support

– Conducting optimization analyses such as sensitivity studies, oppportunities analysis, and trade-off studies

– Carrying out risk analysis and mitigation studies such as due diligence and critical flaw identification


The Durability of AME Project Expert Knowledge and Information

Would you like to know why the mine has been built the way it is.

Beyond our mining planning expertise and inherently inclusive to all our services AME has acted as caretakers for project history and sensitive data for mines from project stage to producing mine.

Be ensured that your data remains safe with us and is only released on request pending strigent verification of project rights.

Engineering Management

– Provide third-party expert recommendations on operating mines

– Evaluate and strategize plan of operations for the best overall efficiency

– Coordinate, manage, and implement solutions that improve processes and increase productivities such as:

* Acceptable ore loss analysis by examining fleet equipment configurations, mine plan of operations, and processing requirements

* Interdepartmental collaboration and development of interdisciplinary engineering solutions encompassing geology, process metallurgy, mine operation, and environmental constraints

– Mediate and collaborate negotiable outcomes between all stakeholders

– Identify issues in operational and organizational structure

– Optimize complex proceses increasing ore grade and tonnage and reducing labor labor and equipment requirments to improve overall operating costs